Inaugural surgery using Dynam’X Perseus

Recently, the inaugural surgery using Dynam’X Perseus took place at Hôpital privé Nancy-Lorraine – ELSAN in Nancy, France. This pivotal achievement marks a significant milestone for Syntropiq, solidifying the company’s presence and advancing its position within the European market. The successful implementation of Dynam’X Perseus reflects a commitment to innovative medical solutions, underscoring a promising […]

First ALIF surgery using the Dynam’X Andromeda Cage

The first ALIF surgery using the Dynam’X Andromeda Cage took place at Sana Clinic Offenbach in Germany. Since then, three patients have undergone Dynam’X Andromeda implantation, providing them with access to innovative treatment approaches. This procedure marks a new horizon for individuals suffering from spinal conditions, promising an enhanced quality of life. This groundbreaking event […]