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We are a privately held spine interbody implant and surface technology company. Our team members with rich experience more than 25 years in spine have seen over 10 000 spine surgeries and had several hundreds of hours of discussions with you – spine surgeons – to obtain much appreciated feedback on how to treat patients with spine disorders most successfully.


The knowledge we obtained from our extensive research allowed us to create exceptional spine implants. Find out more about our unique technologies used in them.

Titanium powder material

Titanium powder material

It is one of the best materials for bone fusion in the medical industry. The low density allows MRi and CT diagnostic compatibility.

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Frame-net philosphy

Frame-net philosphy

Dynam’X System design based on a circumferential frame which bears the physiological loads and a specially engineered multi-spiked dynamic contact surface that increases the contact area and actively promotes bone ingrowth process.

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Respecting sagittal balance

Respecting sagittal balance

to avoid sagittal imbalance in spine our broad product portfolio offers different angulations of the cages including hyperlordotic cages.

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Dynamic Concept

Dynamic Concept

the cage’s design allows acceleration of fusion by controlled subsiding zone on the implant-endplate area. This phenomenon stimulates dynamization of the bone remodeling process in accordance with Wolff’s Law.

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our products

Several hundreds of hours of discussions with spine surgeons created a solid connection between spinal biomechanics and cutting edge technologies implemented into innovative products.



Dynam’X Taurus and related instruments set is designed for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) procedure.



Dynam’X Ursus and related instruments set is designed for Ultra Lateral Interbody Fusion (ULIF) procedure.

Dynam’X Andromeda and related instruments set is designed for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) procedure.



Dynam’X Perseus and related instruments set is designed for Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF) procedure. Perseus Lumbar Cage incorporates titanium net which allows free flow of bone cells. It is intended to be filled by bone substitute or harvest allograft. Both substitution can be delivered into the cage. Implant can be filled before or after implantation procedure. Perseus System offers two implant inserters. Regular Implant holder with comfortable handle for ordinary application and side offset for limited eyes view or microscope or MIS application.




Dynam’X Aries and related instruments set is dedicated for Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) procedure. Aries Cage incorporates multispikes titanium net which allows free flow of bone cells. Aries is designed to create “prepress” of the elastic net on vertebral endplates. Aries System possibility to fill cage by autograft.


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